Do you need some Universal Healing Energy?


My name is Ben,

There is nothing particularly special about me, I’m just a normal guy. However, I meditate a lot, an through this I am able to act as a conduit for the flow of healing energy. This healing energy does not come from me and I have no control over what it does, I can do nothing of myself…. I believe it comes from the universe, the source, or whatever you wish to call it, everybody is entitled to it. The thing is it cannot come to you unless you ask.  So I have created this website so that anybody who feels the need for some healing can ask.

Why, you ask? Well, I wish to be of more service to humanity, and my current circumstances give me limited opportunities, so I thought this would be an avenue through which I might find opportunities to be of service. As I understand it, there is a fundamental law of the universe that says you can’t provide help unless it is asked for. So, please ask.

If you need healing energy for any reason, please send me an email at You don’t need to supply any details, just your name. The universe knows what you need.



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  1. Hi Ben, Thank you for your altruistic act of helping everyone. If only our world was based on this platform. I have some health issues (Osteo & rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, etc) that have hijacked my life & my happiness. Pain has created depression & a sense of hopelessness. Anything you & the universe can do to help lessen either would maybe help me to help myself. It would be easier to bear if my higher self could at least give me some idea of why I am experiencing this. Bless you for the hope you give strangers & may you be rewarded for your kindness.

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